The First Cross Chain EVM Compatible Private Network With A Token $IC

Invisicash is an ETH and ERC20 token mixer that can be cross bridged privately onto other EVM compatible blockchains. Invisicash uses zero-knowledge proofs to hide token ownership once departed from a users wallet. $IC provides the mixer and bridge with deep liquidity incentives.

Invisicash is a disruptive protocol that combines cross chain tech with the privacy of tornado cash.

Token Integration

Invisicash provides all $IC holders with protocol fees as well as liquidity incentives to buy back the token. 6% of all volume is provided into development funds. Once the protocol goes live all fees will be dropped to 0%.

Open Source

All code for the ERC-20 and protocol will be published under the invisicash github. The protocol is being audited before launch, as well as a beta testnet period for all $IC holders.

Safe Technology

$IC technology has been tried and tested for months by the internal core team. All code is under audit at the moment, once the code is complete with audit we will launch the mainnet invisicash protocol.

01 Deposit

Deposit into Invisicash

Deposit into the Invisicash UI choosing your token and amount. Starting at launch we will have .1, 1, 10, and 100 ETH as the only options. If you are an $IC holder you get 0 fees on all transactions. Depositing $IC helps seed cross chain liquidity.

02 Cross Chain Tracing

Trace your transaction

Using Invisicash you can trace your transaction cross chain to see which chain your money will land on (You decide). All chain tracing technology is provided using simultaneously updating live oracles. $IC has live oracles tracking all transactions until they are proven to be hidden.

03 Withdraw your money


Once your money has been privately mixed, you can withdraw after a few hours of depositing. In order to withdraw you need the key of the deposit, which you receive after depositing. Once you enter your key you can withdraw to any wallet that's EVM compatible.


Stake your $IC

Stake your $IC for 40% APR! Staking IC is a way to earn a percent of tax from the platform, as well as earning fees from token transactions. It's easy to get started: simply go to and deposit your tokens, and you'll start earning taxes immediately.

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$IC Tokenomics

$IC Contract: 0x02074951886acc3d58d99d55040165216666a496

Low Tax

0% Tax at Protocol Launch

A 0% Tax will be added to $IC once Invisicash Protocol officially launches onto mainnet. All $IC transactions have a 6% Tax Pre launch.

Liquidity Growth

$IC Provides Deep Liquidity

$IC will be paired with ETH and USDC pools at Protocol Launch. $IC can be farmed from $ETH and $USDC pools in our Cross Chain Vaults.

Protocol Integration

ERC-20 Integration

The $IC Token will be automatically integrated into the Protocol at launch with its governance and liquidity features. $IC is truly the community owned token.